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apologies from within

inspired by the great god of good


Book Synopsis

APOLOGIES FROM WITHIN is a righteous anthology of rehabilitated prisoners’ memoirs. This diverse cast of extraordinary men of God have come together against incredible odds and oppression to utilize their stumbling blocks as steppingstones for the next generation and to enlighten the world that we are all God’s children!
Forsaken by his father, beaten by his mother, molested by a neighbor –Derome “Slim” Patterson had A LONG WALK TO THE LORD, from balla to believer!
Drinking, fighting, drugging, and loving — Edward “Redneck” Tanner had To find out the hard way that THE DEVIL IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE A LIAR!
From Hurricane Katrina to hanging with a serial killer — Royal “N.O.” Cola had to connect with the Higher Power to have his PEACE AND BLESSINGS restored!
The killers came at midnight with their guns blazing to slaughter his family — Eric “E-ROC” Mayes survived to become A LIVING LEGEND FOR THE LORD!
Child abuse, crack cocaine, a murder conviction – Clarence “Katib” Wilson overcame it all, proving, “ALLAH AKBAR!” — God is great; indeed, He is the greatest!
Domestic violence, racial hatred, gang wars, drug wars, a decade in the hole — Santonio “San-Man” Murff Bey’s lifelong FIGHT FOR FAMILY, FAITH, & FREEEDOM is one for the Silver screen!
Far from choir boys, these amazing survivors of the worst that the world has to offer, have done what most of the world cannot do: they’ve put dogma and differences in theology, race, and culture aside to come together to truly do God (Allah)’s work. To truly walk in The Word, LOVE deeply, and contribute to the uplifting of a fallen humanity!!!

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