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Santonio D. Murff Bey is the face and manifestation of prisoner’s rehabilitation. His award-winning anthology of rehabilitated prisoners’ memoirs APOLOGIES FROM WITHIN (Now on Amazon/Kindle) brings a much-needed love and light to the Nation! Unity, helping, and healing are the order of the day as Santonio and a diverse cast of men teach you how to battle your demons and win, too!

Santonio D. Murff Bey invites you to contribute to something greater than self by joining his Righteous Nation, and volunteering to aid and assist his Righteous Foundation nonprofit, in making this world a better place through whatever position that you are best suited. You can contact him at:

Mr. Santonio D. Murff (773394)
French M. Robertson Unit
P.O. Box 660400
Dallas, TX 75266-0400

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I will not speak of the emotional and mental abuse I suffered at an early age. I will not tell you about the violent traumatizations of being clutched by the back of my neck like a dog at: seven years young: and shoved toward another child to punch it out for the elders’ amusement….
The drugs, the gangs, the pistol play; the poverty, the miseducation, the pain on top of pain on top of pain–I will not speak of. It is enough to say, “I survived and succeed I Survived and SUCCEEDED in spite of it all…and 30 calendar years of incarceration!”
It is enough to say, “Allah Akbar; God is great! I am the proof! Santonio D. Murff Bey is…the proof.
(***This will be no sob story. No dry statistics. No pleas for mercy. This will be a straight forward story about a convicted killer who NEVER killed anyone. The evil of the law of parties, which is grossly disproportionately used against poor minorities. A story about the potential squandered, sacrificed to this prison industrial complex. A story about the cost to the Nation; and a call to action!)

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